February 21, 2023

Everyone knows that strengthening your heart is one of the best ways to stay healthy for a long time. However, did you know that exercise is the best way to maintain a healthy heart? In fact, studies show that those who don’t exercise are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease versus those who do work out. Before you hit the gym, let’s take a look at 4 of the best exercises for heart health:

1. Walking

It might seem simple, but walking is a great way to strengthen your heart, especially speed walking. You don’t have to be in top physical shape to exercise or to be heart-healthy. That is why it is important for seniors especially to maintain some level of activeness as they grow older. Even if it’s just a short walk around the neighborhood, any type of movement is better than laying around the house all day. The key to being healthy is consistency, so be sure you are scheduling time every day for a brisk walk.

2. Weight Training

woman lifting weights at the gym

Lifting weights is another great exercise to improve heart health, as well as many other benefits to your body. As you build up the other muscles in your body, you will also be building up the most important muscle in your body, the heart. Weight training may also help you to build muscle mass and burn fat and calories. One misconception about weight training is that you have to go to the gym for success. In reality, you can stay at home and purchase small in-home weights or even stick to squats and push-ups to build up your muscles.

3. Swimming

Although it is also fun, many folks don’t realize the positive effects that swimming can have on your body. Taking a water aerobics class or simply swimming laps is a great way to build up your heart. You will also start to notice that swimming builds up a ton of other muscles in your body, including your biceps and leg muscles. While swimming outside during the summer is great, it is important to keep your workout routine up year-round. There are a ton of gym chains across the country that offer indoor swimming pools at their facilities, so there is always time to hit the pool!

4. Cycling

a man riding his bicycle on a road at sunset

When you were growing up as a kid, you probably spent a ton of time riding your bike around the neighborhood. Parents push learning how to ride a bike hard with children, but then we normally outgrow the enthusiasm for riding. In reality, cycling is a great way to get exercise, even as adults. It uses the muscles in your legs and forces your heart to pump blood to all the different places in your body. A simple ride around the block will go a long way to improving your overall heart health!

Would you like to learn more about exercises that can keep you healthy? Contact our Missouri pharmacy today and let us share with you a ton of ways to improve your heart health! We look forward to hearing from you soon!