image5Compounded medications:

We have state of the art equipment to assist us to perfect a custom compounded medication to fit your personal needs.  Occasionally what is available on the market is not specific enough to  the desired result your Doctor is striving for.  This is when a compounded drug could be just what the Doctor ordered!!


We give Flu shots, Shingles, Pneumonia, Vitamin B and T-Dap to name a few to individuals over 12 years of age. We even give you a sucker once it is all over.  Just be prepared to hang around for about 10-15 minutes just to let the pharmacist monitor for a reaction.

Health monitoring:

Get your blood pressure checked and have your blood sugar checked no charge.


FREE Delivery:

If you are unable to come by for your medications or have a sick child at home, call us and we will bring what you need to you with a smile, the smile is free too.

Special order products:

Often if you can’t find what your looking for with over the counter items, home health aides , diabetic supplies, we can find it and get it overnight.  We stock hard to find items like BioFreeze, Geritol liquid and Sine-Off